Are You As Successful As You Want To Be?

Are you as successful as you want to be with your photography? Film making? Music? Endangered animal shaped fudge collection? That success could be defined as artistically, financially, or popularity-ly – however you want to define it. Are you as successful as you want to be?

If you said, “No,” “Not really,” “Eh,” “That’s a depressing question,” or paused a moment before crossing your fingers behind your back and saying, “Sure,” then chances are it all comes down to one thing: a lack of preparation.

How dare you! – that’s what you’re saying at me now. But this is how dare I!

Below you will find a gripping Ted Talk video by magician David Blane – whom I was not very fond of before watching this – where he goes through his process of preparation. I guarantee you without hesitation or reserve that you (and most surely I) have not gone to this extent to prepare – for anything!

If I think if I prepared to this extent for any endeavor, I could succeed at absolutely anything. And so could you.


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