Diminished Reality

Here’s a video that shows off a new software that is coming to Android phones and my guess, just about every video camera under the sun eventually, and most video editing software, too for that matter.

It lets you erase objects in real time from your video. Don’t know what I mean? Watch the examples.

How would you use this technology to change your video? Would you remove your ugly great grandpa with the face covered in warts the size of baseballs on his throat, or would you just remove the warts? How about hiding the bottle of wart remover from your vacation video before uploading it to that online dating site. Maybe you could extract that billboard advertisement for wart removal that the city put outside your window and then only look out your window by viewing your cell phone screen. Why am I so obsessed with warts today?

Would you even use this sort of tech? I would!


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  1. @0:45 it looks like the have a bug, the box reflection is still there…

  2. The Orwellian implications of this are staggering!


  1. Diminished Reality is Content Aware Fill for Live Video Recording