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Udi from Diyphotography.net climbs the stairs in Vegas and just happens to walk past a strobe held to the rail with a Nasty Clamp just moments before security comes and kicks us out!

Well, it’s taken me a few weeks to recover, but I’m finally getting my wits back. CES / PMA this year was crazy. Not crazy like, “Wow, look at all this incredible new gear and gadgets.” There was some of that. However the show floor was dominated by iPhone cases. I’m not being silly. It was overwhelming how many iPhone case companies there were. This year CES had over 155,000 attendees and there must have been a different iPhone case made for each one.

Still, I had a great time, met lots of amazingly nice and talented folks. And the food was delicious! Oh, and there were some great gadgets and gear.

I shot quick pitch (around 30 sec) videos of all the gear and gadgets that I thought were cool on the show floor. You can see all 40 or so on my Youtube channel.

Here are my personal favorites:

The ioShutter: A high-tech shutter release cable and software for your iPhone.

Uncle Oswald: A retro phone that’s actually a bluetooth speaker. Soooo nice!

Clarity One Earphones: Earphones that are honestly the best I’ve ever heard. Incredible.

And BEST OF THE BEST… The Swivl: A tracking, motorized head to go on your tripod so you can be the star and the cameraman at the same time. Such a great idea.

I’ll have detailed reviews of all these cool products and more in the coming months.


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  1. Awesome – SO many quick pitches! I love it.