Renderings, Rumors, and Gear Lust Rumbles

Oh, I’ve got something to say about gear lust and the idea that gear lusting and ideas are enemies locked in mortal combat where the winner takes your soul, or at least your intellectual property. But first…

Jim from Red Cinema posted an updated rendering of the Scarlet 3K ultra high def pocket digital camera. Now I’m posting it for you folks.

Click image to see is larger.

Oh yeah. Drool over it. That’s one sweet looking computer generated image of a camera that doesn’t even take any pictures – yet! When I look at this image, what do I think of? Is it the finished cutting edge film playing back in a theater or living room coaxing the audience to laughter or tears? Or maybe the first thing I think about is the act – the act of making the images, setting them up, holding that cold aluminum gizmo in my warm blooded hand while I yell, “Action!”, the magic unfolds and I breath it in. Nope. And nope. But before I continue about the subject of Gear Lust, let me toss in a rumor that is currently floating around the internets…

Yes, Canon will be releasing a sequel to the 5D. Some say it will be called the 5DII. A photographer I know who gets his gear for free from Canon tells me it’s going to be called the 6D. Don’t know. Don’t care. All I want is Live View, Self Cleaning Sensor, and most importantly BETTER AUTO FOCUS – more points of focus or a magic spell. I don’t really care how they get it in there. Now, I’d also love a built in focus assist light. I know they know how to do it. They have made DSLR’s with it in there before. I just don’t think they are going to do it. So that’s the big things I’d like. That was until I read the most recent rumors. Not for the 5D sequel, but for the unannounced and maybe never to be announced 1D Mark IIIn. Yeah, I said “n.” Here are the rumor details so they can haunt your dreams, too:

  • Same form factor as current 1D series
  • Full Frame 16MP sensor (no more 1.3x crop cameras)
  • ISO 100 to 6400 (expandable to 50 and 12800)
  • Live View with contrast detection AF and HD Video capture (It is rumored that this will revolutionize photo journalism and meet growing requirement for web news video and cross media feeds).

What’s that? HD Video capture on a full frame sensor that I can use my L glass on? Yeah, I’d like that. Now I want it. No, now I need it! I can’t sleep without it.

Gear Lust.

Do I really need my DSLR to be able to record HD video. No. I don’t. Some people do need it. And I sure as sugar would love to have it. I’d use it for sure. Chances are, however, that even if they do put this out, it’ll be missing some key feature. It is Canon after all. I’ve had Canon after Canon still and video cameras and they’ve always left something out that I really could have used or maybe even needed. But, boy do Canon images look nice. And I do love the interface. And all those switches and buttons and–


Gear Lust.

What do I think about when I look at a sweet new piece of gear? I’m embarrassed to say. So embarrassed that instead of saying it I’m going to write it where thousands of people are going to read it. I don’t think about the work I’m going to make with it. I don’t think about how much better the quality will be in the work I make with it. Not at first anyway. What I think about first is opening the box and touching it.

Gear Lust.

Do you have it? I’ve got it. Does it have a negative effect on my creativity? No more than my obsession with ice cream, pinball machines, or my wife’s boobies. So anything that takes time away from my creative mind-wanderings has an effect. But you have to live to create life in your ideas, in your work. So I say lust away: gear, ice cream, pinball, whatever. Live. Create. Just stay away from my wife’s boobies.

Now, having all the best gear in the world will just make an image of crap a sharper, higher resolution image of crap. So while you’re waiting to upgrade to the latest, greatest digital camera ever made (at least until the one after that comes out), try reading some of these articles and honing your idea making skills.

What was the piece of gear you lusted after the most? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Great Article, I am with you 100% on the better autofocus.

  2. Agreed, but I also want an off camera light sensor. I want to have the sensor in my cap and connected via USB to the camera. I distrust bluetooth. Ethernet will also be fine.

    If I can’t get that, I want back the spot button as it was on the T90. That plain works. Spot metering (locking) with the thumb at the back of the 30D is plain stupid. The thumb knocks the 100-400mm away from whatever I’m trying to spot meter. The T90 averaged several measurements. Up to seven if my memory serves me right.


  3. When I was a kid and some other kid got something cool, we’d say, “Can I see it?” which really meant “Can I hold it?” It starts at a young age.

    I love new stuff. Right now I’m enthralled by new radio flash triggers due to arrive this week. Maybe it’s the anticipation (I pre-ordered them weeks ago), maybe it’s my imagination of the wacky lighting setups that I’ll now be able to do, maybe it’s simply gear lust.

    I also like stuff that the shine has worn off of. I can’t use gear effectively if I’m still in awe of it, delighted by it, and afraid to break it.

    Since you mention your wife, I restrain myself by imagining my wife’s arched-eyebrow, skeptical “Oh, really?” response when I explain how absolutely fabulous the new thing is going to be. She’ll see when I got those radio triggers.

  4. Thanks for the Nice comments.

    Red: Yep. Better auto focus a must.

    Tarjei: Light sensor in cap via USB… very interesting. I’m having trouble visualizing your idea, but am fascinated by it.

    Kurt: The arched-eyebrow! Totally. They should call that the photographer’s wife eyebrow. Sometimes it seems like it is permanently locked in that position! Have fun with those new triggers.

  5. The light sensor would be inside a small white dome just like on a normal incident meter. Since we are not spotting and there is a dome we get an correct reading all the time.