The Most Breathtaking Long Exposure Night Photography Ever

The above image is © Mark Weller and John Rummel and has got to be the most breathtaking long exposure night photo I have ever seen. I thought for sure it was a composite, but no. It’s the real deal. The photographers talk about the image in the video below.

Makes me want to get out there, put on some warm underwear and get shooting. Nice!

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  1. This is phenominal. Not to be ignorant, but how can such a seemingly long exposure eliminate movement (creating sharp stars)? I would have expected a more star-trails type effect.

  2. Not ignorant at all. That is the exact question that occurred to me when I saw the photo. I haven’t had time to dive in and figure it out, but my best guess is they are using a very high iso so they don’t have to do too long of an exposure. I’ll have to fine out some day. If you find out, please let me know.