The Reason – The Worlds Greatest Photography and Gadget Accessory

At last I can reveal the reason why I’ve been distant from the Nice blog. I’ve spent countless hours designing a photography accessory and it’s available to order now on Kickstarter. The amount of work that went in to the development and launch is quite astounding and I’ll share that with you all at some point. Right now it’s after 3am and I’m a zombie. So I’ll leave you with a request. Please let everyone you know about this project and convince them to let everyone they know. I honestly think everyone will want one – or five of these. But you be the judge. Here’s the promo video.


Now Shipping: The Nice Clip! - The lens cap clip and cord catcher Wired called, "A super handy little widget!"

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  1. Looks very cool. I bought one to start with!

  2. Nice! Thanks so much.


  1. The Nice Clip: A Universal Lens Cap Clip That Doubles as a Cord Catcher