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Do you use your art, your photography, films, videos, plays, macramé toothbrush holders to communicate? I hope the answer is yes. But even if you don’t, you must at least try to communicate with your mouth. Words. Even if it’s just to order a soy venti latte with extra whip. And when you communicate do you find yourself always using the same techniques?

It’s okay. We are creatures of habit. Even if the way we’re doing something doesn’t work, we tend to keep doing it the same way over and over and over again. And if the way we’re doing it has at least some level of success, forget about ever trying something new.

I say, even if the techniques you are using to communicate are outrageously successful, it’s time to shake it up and give something new a try. “Any thing in particular?” you might ask. Come in closer and I’ll whisper it to you: SUBTLETY!

Sure, it’s easier to hear a scream than a whisper. But which is more likely to communicate your idea?

It is successful communication we’re after, not being the loudest person in the room.

People have the unique ability to tune out the drowning rumble of jets flying by overhead, the humming of their refrigerator, their neighbor Danny’s screams for help with his computer. You could be reclined in your big comfy chair, ten past midnight, sipping a chocolate shake through a crazy straw, blasting Tropic Thunder across your eyeballs from your 60 inch high def for the hundredth time, laughing that same chocolate shake right out your nose holes, Hollywood explosions rocking your floorboards, but you hear a slow, long scratch running along your window on the other side of your black out curtains and you’re not only going to notice, you’re going to shut down the whole show until you source where that subtle little noise is coming from.

If you’re trying to get your message across with bright colors, giant letters, and lots of screaming, shake it up. Instead of someone tuning out your screams, driving right past what you want them to hear, whisper. They’ll prick up their ears and lean in to get a listen. Then, when they’re in close enough, you can give ’em a good old fashioned kick in the privates. That ought to get your message across. Right?


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