Truth In Photography

My pals over at The Usual Shutter Specs brought this thought provoking video to my attention. In it Errol Morris – one of the greatest documentary film makers of all times – pontificates about just what Truth and Photography have to do with each other – if anything.

Do you think a photograph is truth if you come upon a scene and photograph as is? It could be. But the photograph was taken from a certian angle. At a ceritan distance. Items intentionally or unintentionally are cropped out. So without altering a scene it could easily represent a falsehood.

I am not a journalist. If you are a photo journalist then you journal with photos, so go ahead and have rules about not altering anything. But if I want to tell the truth with a photo I feel it is perfectly acceptable, even advisable, to alter the scene before me so that it best comunicates that truth.

How do you feel about Truth in Photography? Sound off in the comments below.


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