Weekend Inspiration – Stop

Looking to get out and take a dynamic photo this weekend? Looking for someone to give you a gentle push in the idea department? Stop!

One of photography’s handy dandy features capable of revealing a different way to look at the world around us is stopping motion.

Nearly everyone has seen the water droplet frozen in mid air image, or one of the light bulb shattering into a million directions, but held in place like a sleeping mime.

There are plenty of techniques and gadgets for setting off the shutter to get the perfect high speed shot, but you don’t need those to freeze time. If your camera lets you set the shutter speed, set it north of 1/1000 of a sec. and start snapping. If your point and shoot won’t let you select the shutter speed, or your mobile phone camera for that matter, put it on “sport” mode—it’s usually the one with the little running figure.

You’re going to want to shoot in an environment with as much light as you can. Other than that, you may just want to try and come up with something you haven’t seen a million times. You know, something that is dynamic and interesting, and maybe even tells a story, a story that you couldn’t tell without using stopped motion to tell.

Either way, just get out there and shoot. Remember while you’re out there to stop.


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