Weekend Inspiration – Turn That Sacred Cow Up Side Down

sacred cow


Informal a person, institution, custom, etc., unreasonably held to be beyond criticism (from thefreedictionary.com).

I did a bit of Sacred Cow tipping myself this week with that ISO post.

Anyhow… for this week’s Weekend Inspiration I’ve got an assignment that is fraught with danger and excitement. Think about someone, something, or some custom that seems to be held beyond criticism. Make sure it’s one you think shouldn’t be beyond criticism. Now think about a way in a single photograph, or a short-short film to turn it upside down. Shine a light down that irreproachable, dark, ancient hall. Question the unquestionable.

I’m not saying to go burn a flag or anything. How boring is that? Dig deep. Be original. Find something that bugs you that people would never dare criticize and criticize it.

It’s the weekend. I can only think of two reasons for you not to do this assignment: either you’re too lazy or too scared. So which one is it?

Neither? Great. Make sure you email or comment below to let me know where I can see your results!


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