Weekend Inspiration – Uninspired

For this weekend’s weekend inspiration I challenge you to create a compelling photograph – or perhaps even an inspirational one – of someone looking uninspired. It shouldn’t be as hard as it sounds. There must be a million ways to do this, but I’m going to recommend one in particular:

Story. With just the right look from your model, you can ride that fine line between them seeming uninspired and them seeming uninspired for a reason – preferably for an interesting or mysterious reason. You can crank up the drama if you like by placing them in an enviornment or scene that would seem at odds with their uninspired-ness. Come up with a reason they are uninspired, tell your model to feel that reason, set up the environment, and snap away. Blamo! An inspired photograph of someone feeling uninspired.

Why are you still sitting at your computer? Get out there already, or better yet, get in there – in to your head and think it through, then get out there and do it. If uninspired doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will.


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