Weekend Inspiration – Almost Weird

This weekend I’m looking to split the divide. Some of you are straight shooting normal everyday folks (no offense), and some of you are just down right card carrying weirdos. Doesn’t matter which. Like a pug momma with a fresh pile of pups – I love you all equally. You each have your own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to making a creative photograph that pulls in your audience and gives them a bear hug to within an inch of their life. And that is this weekend’s goal: Create an image that draws your audience in and keeps them there by making it almost weird.

Almost? Yeah. You can read more details about my number one mantra in the post Familiar But Different. The idea is if you make an image that is just familiar the audience will be board. If you make an image that is just different, it may attract their attention like a car accident on the side of the road, but when there is nothing familiar for them to identify with, they’ll just keep on driving.

Let’s use this car wreck analogy. You’re driving down the road. You hear sirens blaring, see ambulance lights flashing. A car is overturned. You slow down. Your morbid curiosity overtakes your desire to get home and eat that box of ice-cream sandwiches starting to melt on the passenger’s seat. Next to the overturned car a man dressed as a banana yells at a police officer in a wheel chair while a monkey swings from the power lines above. Weird. You tweet what you saw, thinking no one will believe you, but then you drive on. Those ice-cream sammies aren’t going to stay frozen all day.

Now let’s say you are driving down the freeway and you overtake a familiar car. It’s your sister’s car. She’s driving a little slower than you. You honk, wave hello and keep driving.

Okay. Let’s go back to the overturned car scenario. Only when you pull up to the overturned car instead of banana man et al, you find the car looks familiar. It looks like your sister’s car. The plate says, “ZEk’s Sis.” It is her car! The driver’s side is completely smashed in. But where is your sister? You’re going to forget all about those ice-cream sandwiches and put the time into figuring out if your sister is okay. That is familiar but different.

So, get out there. Find something different and bring something familiar to it that people can identify with, or find something familiar and deliver something different with it that will hold an audience’s attention. Just don’t get in a car accident.

Familiar but different. Almost weird.


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  1. Great idea!
    btw…Is your sister okay? 😉

  2. I love this familiar but weird idea and many of your other recent posts with creative exercises in them. I may not have time to do this this weekend but I want to encourage you by letting you know I’m reading and liking these suggestions.

  3. Thanks Bernie! Glad you like it. Plenty more to come.