Weekend Inspiration – Friends And Family

This weekend spend time with your friends and/or family. Have fun. Go outside or stay in. Doesn’t matter. Just have fun.

Hang on. Hang on. Don’t just have fun. Bring your camera, too. Keep it around your neck or slung over your shoulder at the ready. Keep your eyes peeled. It would be great if you could capture the perfect moment that encapsulates your friends’ or family members’ essence, but that’s really, really hard. I’m going to go easy on you and just suggest you look around for great light.

When you walk into a room, scan it. Unless it’s pitch dark in there, somewhere in the room is the best light. When you get to the park, or the beach, or wherever you end up outside, scan it. No matter how bad the light is, somewhere it is better than everywhere else there. Put your fiend or family member or pet turtle in this great (or least worst) light and take their portrait.

Do this every time you change locations all weekend long. If you do, by the time Monday rolls around you’ll have your brain trained to look for the light. At work, even if you don’t have your camera, all week long, where ever you are, find the best light.

Sometimes the background is the most important element and you have to manipulate the light. But when I have flexibility with the background I try and let the light do the hard work for me. You can do it, too. You just have to convince your brain to let it.


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  1. Smart. Good idea